Step Deck Dispatch Service

Step Deck Dispatch Service

  • No forced dispatch and no hidden payments
  • Personal dispatcher with 24 / 7 support
  • $300 per week or 6% of Gross


We offer step deck dispatch service for both truck owners and trucking companies. We understand that they both have unique needs. Our step deck dispatch service can be customized to match their business model. We use advanced technology to streamline operations, from load booking to tracking and reporting. You can count on us for round-the-clock support and assistance.

Step Deck Truck Dispatch Services in USA

GAD Step Deck Truck Dispatch Service – Your Best Support

GAD team assist both truck fleet and independent owner-operators. We collaborate with independent truck drivers and fleet managers to deliver an efficient flatbed dispatch service. Our professional customer service team bridges truck drivers and truck owners who need dispatching services. If you are a driver, you can count on us for the best step deck dispatch service rate.GAD handle the hectic paperwork by themselves, so you can keep your focus on your driving and delivering the goods on time.

How To Get Started

To get our Box Truck Dispatch services, follow this simple three-step procedure:

1. Sign The Agreement

The 1st step is to sign our truck dispatch service agreement.

2. Submit Us Your Documents

Provide us with the necessary documents, including:

  • Factoring Information (if applicable)
  • A General Power Of Attorney (Ability to communicate with brokers on your behalf)
  • A copy of your MC Authority Letter
  • A duplicate of your Insurance Certificate
  • Contact Information of drivers
  • A copy of the W-9 Form

3. Start Hauling Loads

Once we’ve received all the paperwork, we’ll connect you with a dedicated dispatcher. With your Box Truck, you can start hauling loads right away, Just hit “How to start” in manu bar.

Advantages Of Using Step Deck Trucking Company

1. Transport Taller Items

The most significant advantage of a step deck truck is that you can transport higher loads without applying for additional permits. Its design allows cargo to be placed at a lower level, often saving time and money caused by height restrictions.

2. Forklift Safety

It can be lowered to the ground, reducing lifting and dropping for the forklift. The operators don’t need to lift high for every load, which increases the safety of every lift.

3. Equipment Versatility

Step deck trucking can be a safety transport for many pieces of equipment, even if they vary in height or weight. It can help transport multiple units in one shipment, eventually reducing shipment costs and time.

Why Choose GAD As Your Step Deck Dispatching Company?

At GAD, we prioritize driver needs and assist them in achieving their primary goal: making more money. GAD arange load for you on high rates. We take care of all the paperwork and provide you with full assistance during the dispatch process. That’s why they don’t need to worry about load size, step deck freight rate,  etc.