Shipers & Brokers

Shipers & Brokers

  • Thousands of trucks to move your loads
  • 24/7 updates and load tracking
  • No double brokering and hidden fees


Dispatch Solutions for Shippers and Brokers

We are known for its outstanding freight dispatch service. Our team has provided dispatching services for owner-operators and transportation fleets since 2019. We help locate their loads, communicate with their customers, and complete all necessary paperwork so they can focus on transporting products.

When you choose Great American Dispatch Services as your freight dispatch service, you enjoy transparent pricing without concealed payments and termination fees. You can trust that the price we offer you is exactly what you pay.

Our team believes freight brokers and shippers must transport cargo successfully. We can make a smooth process for both parties. Here’s how.

How we can help freight brokers and shippers

Our extensive network of independent owner-operators who are anxious to assist transportation companies with their loads is one of the greatest benefits we offer to shippers and freight brokers. Our drivers have all cleared our approval process and are ready to service your needs. Other ways can help include: 

  • Eliminate double brokering. Double brokering is considered illegal without the shipper’s consent. However, some organizations continue to engage in the practice without the clients’ consent. As independent dispatchers, we never double-broker your loads. Our sole function is as independent dispatchers for drivers, for which we can to provide all necessary documentation. 
  • Encourage transparency. From our pricing structure to updates regarding the status of your load, we are completely transparent with freight brokers and carriers. Dispatchers maintain a record of preferred carriers and routes to ensure a  streamlined process whenever you use our services.
  • Provide updates 24/7: Our staff always retains freight brokers. We ensure that you are timely informed about the status of your cargo at each stage of the journey. Potential issues or delays are immediately communicated. We are available around the clock to track loads, address inquiries and concerns, and ensure your shipments arrive as planned.  

Most shippers and freight brokers need more time to locate a freight forwarder independently. You can trust our team with the most fragile cargo and the tightest deadlines. We always find the most optimal and economical shipping options to fulfill your requirements.

Truck Dispatching Company in USA

Our truck dispatcher service benefits:

Working with us guarantees that all parties involved in the shipping process are completely satisfied. Whether you are a carrier or a freight broker, our team ensures that your freight shipment is delivered on time and without any trouble. What to expect from our truck dispatcher services is given below.

Benefits for Brokers

  • Access to a large pool of reputable carriers
  • Financially flexible carriers to meet every budget
  • Transparent pricing model with no hidden fees
  • Reputable carriers with satisfactory performance records
  • Regular updates on all loads and immediate communication for any transport issues or delays
  • Follow no-solicitation guidelines

Benefits for Carriers

  • Dedicated dispatchers to help match loads
  • Rate confirmations are sent directly between the broker and carrier
  • No forced dispatch
  • Advanced confirmation for all rates
  • Dispatch managers are available to supervise all operations
  • Access to a network of freight brokers in good standing