Hotshot Dispatch Service

Hotshot Dispatch Service

  • No forced dispatch and no hidden payments
  • Personal dispatcher with 24 / 7 support
  • $300 per week or 6% of Gross


Handling hotshot load transportation needs specialization. Have you ever felt that you are spending too much time finding load instead of driving on the road? Utilizing a hotshot dispatch service can help you with this problem. Hotshot trucking specializes in fast deliveries; therefore, it can get you some of the highest per-mile rates in the trucking industry as it implies urgency. However, this urgency can make it challenging for drivers to manage offers and grab the most favorable assignments efficiently.

As the best Dispatcher for hotshot drivers, GAD offers hotshot dispatch services that remove this hurdle from your business growth. Our swift response ensures proper paperwork handling. We confirm rates and locations, relay the details to you, and have you back on the road quickly.

Hotshot Truck Dispatch Services in USA

How To Get Started with Hotshot Dispatching Services

To get our dispatch services for hotshot, follow this simple three-step procedure:

  1. Sign The Agreement
  2. Submit Us Your Documents: Provide us with the necessary documents, including Factoring Information, a General Power Of Attorney (Ability to communicate with brokers on your behalf), a copy of your MC Authority Letter, a duplicate of your Insurance Certificate, Contact Information of drivers and a copy of the W-9 Form.
  3. Start Hauling Loads: We’ll connect you with a dedicated dispatcher once all the paperwork is completed. With your hotshot truck, you can start hauling loads right away. 

Benefits of Working with Us for Hotshot Trucking Dispatch?

  • Hotshot drivers have the freedom to select the loads they want to deliver.
  • On-time delivery of load by Our professional Dispatcher.
  • Gain access to profitable load insights that are not available elsewhere.

Why Choose GAD’s – Best Dispatch Company For Hotshot?

  • Our dispatchers are trained to work with every owner-operator and individual business.
  • Hotshot Dispatcher stays in touch 24/7 with clients and resolves any issue you might encounter while on the road.
  • Hand all the paperwork, starting with set-up packets and ending with billing.
  • GAD Minimizes downtime and deadhead mileage, helping your business grow as they are the USA’s best hotshot dispatch service provider.